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These products are available from K-Play worldwide, except for MightySmall in Spain, Australia and NZ and PlayMeal in USA and Russia.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey together.

Molly & Marvin are the first 2 products in the range from MightySmall. Developed by a doctor, they aim to create unique designs to aid parents in facing the challenges imposed upon them by their little loved ones. These little medicine helpers are designed to get the medicine flowing when the little ones have to take oral medicine by syringe.

The PlayMeal Surprise Bowl is our solution to the challenge of fussy eaters. Designed to be used at home or taken with you to the restaurant or on holiday, the Surprise Bowl can take the challenge out of mealtimes.

If you're looking for probably the biggest range of wooden toys, the best plush for 0-12 months available in the UK or great fun and learning card games, click on one of our brand logos below to see more....